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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  August 7, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> the headlines, washington takes a new plunge. russia's asylum of edward snowden. clearing the streets of cairo after calling the political crisis a failure. is facing fears of a new nuclear emergency.
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you are watching from paris. >> we start with washington- russia talks taking a dive. this in retaliation for moscow giving asylum to intelligence leader edward snowden. our correspondent in washington has more. given byrts of reasons the white house in their statement earlier today, among them missile defense arms control and human rights among the issues were the -- where the united states and russia are not agreeing, according to the white
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.ouse clearly, there was a threat hanging over this meeting ever since edward snowden arrived at the moscow airport and got comfortable at the transit lounge. now he has that temporary asylum in russia. that will not be gone any time soon. what the united states has always wanted and has not got is why this meeting is taking place. they want russia to send edwards noted back to face asylum charges. to face felony charges. house where three men were kept captive and rate for over a decade has been demolished. the 52-year-old former school
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bus driver ariel castro was intenced to 1000 years prison. egypt was the interim leadership is under dramatic pressure after efforts to resolve the crisis had failed. muslim brotherhood and the ousted president's supporters are camped out. the u.s. insists there is still time for dialogue. in a joint statement with the you, it said the failure to resolve the current crisis will only lead to bloodshed. say they areorters here to stay. diplomatic efforts have failed to resolve the political standoff. supporters of the former president continue their protests. >> how can you carry out a
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military coup and then want to negotiate with us? you have not respected the fact that the president was voted in by the people. i stood in line for hours and the cariani coup in five minutes and then they said let's negotiate? out a coup in five minutes and then they say, let's negotiate? >> centre john mccain urged the release of political prisoners and called the ousting of mohammed morsi 82. it was a statement that was called unacceptable -- of mohammad morsi a coup. it was a statement that was called unacceptable by the interim government. >> i think that both sides should come to an agreement, but the muslim brotherhood refuses any negotiations and they're not willing to compromise on any of their demands. they want them to -- the return of morsi.
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hashe political crisis entered its fifth week and with negotiations at a standstill, the egyptian authorities have said they will move against morsi supporters if they do not disbursed soon. neither side has shown any signs of backing down. let's listen to the egyptian prime minister. correct we ask the protesters once again to quickly leave the or and return to their homes workplace without resistance. to those who do not want blood on their hands, the state will provide them with free transportation. japanese officials are saying that 300 tons of contaminated ther are leaking from an fukushima at every day. the government has vowed to stop the leaks after more than two years since the devastating
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earthquake and tsunami hit the power plant. a nuclear waste management plans -- plant has more. there will be a release of radioactivity into the sea, but from all indications, the risk of it in terms of health or environment is completely negligible. the reason it is happening is because of the more serious problems on site. veryhave had very -- three seriously damaged reactor's and they're still working on trying to make sure they're under control, to stop the cleanup process -- start the cleanup process. there are problems in ensuring the safety of the crew. the relative to the big s oblems, the small problem
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have not been getting as much attention as maybe they should have had, but probably because the radiation risk is very small. they break company that was set up to produce electricity. since the accident, they have been charged with a will load of different jobs associated with stabilization. many other organizations are helping them with this, but it is not very well coordinated. the government has said they're going to step in, but the government's record is not fantastic in this area either. we can now go to cairo for the latest there. you that the eu and the u.s. saying the hope of dialogue is not over. little sign of that,
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however. >> i do not think there is at the moment. had the past 10 days we've mediators here from the u.s. commodity you, the united arab emirates -- from the u.s., the eu, the united arab emirates. they're saying that diplomatic efforts have failed. the two sides are so entrenched that it seems difficult to see how that calf can be bridged. -- how that gap can be bridged. one side wants to see mohammed marcey the release, that he will come back as president for even a day or two. then they say that they want a referendum and the constitution reinstated. the army and authorities are not prepared to entertain that idea. thisare moving ahead with road map.
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meanwhile, the muslim brotherhood is saying they're prepared to die for their cause. impossible to see how they can move forward from that. there have to remember have never been any face-to-face negotiations between these two sides. it certainly does not look like that is going to happen anytime soon. supporterse, morsi's have remained camped out. it seems only a matter of the time before there is an incident. >> it is true, they are camped out in tahrir square and throughout the city. area ornot leave that they will not have anything left to try to put some leverage against the authorities. we have heard from the authorities today. the interim prime minister has
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said that the government's patience is going to run out and be going into these cities. and that they have surpassed peaceful protest. he is also accusing them of things like provoking violence and having weapons and detaining people and blocking roads. it does seem like some kind of crackdown is imminent. we cannot say when. the religious holiday at the end of ramadan is due to begin tomorrow. it is unlikely that the authorities would like to have some kind of bloody confrontation on a religious holiday. that would not go down well with the people there. but maybe in the next few days they will try to go in and break appa, the city in -- break up the six-n. in.the sit
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promising jobs and education with his rival campaigning on a separate platform. the police in kenya do not believe the fire at the nairobi airport was caused by an attack. it forced the closure of the airport. >> black smoke billowing out of nairobi's international airport for hours. witnesses claim the fire could have been contained earlier had local firefighters arrived faster. >> the flame was small and look like something that could be put out in a matter of maybe a
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quarter of an hour or something like that. no one was coming and nothing was being done. >> the fire at a spread fast because the local fire department was being lax, others said. kepts suggested traffic them from bringing water to the airport. several flights were diverted to mombasa. stranded passengers were told they would be put up overnight and brought back to the capital. in africa, arrive you wanted to be exciting. it is very disappointing. unit 3ill be preparing
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for international terminal for departure and arrival. there is a hub for east africa with some 7 million passengers every year. tens of thousands of travelers are expected to be affected by the disruptions. leaning parliament led by the new cabinet leader has to get enough support. the company has been in crisis since the center right collapse in june. amid allegations of corruption. protesters have been out on the streets of bangkok. critics say the government is aiming to orchestrate a return for the exiled prime minister.
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no amnesty for crooks, the charge of the thai opposition on tuesday as they march through the bangkok streets to parliament. they are marching against a controversial bill that could grant immunity to those involved in political violence since 2006. behind a peaceful demonstration, the message was unequivocal. usehen people use at -- weapons, attack and kill under the pretext of defending a political idea, and it is clear it is the people in power, it becomes very disturbing. >> the opposition say the law allow the former prime minister to return without time in jail. he was ousted in 2006. they could provide amnesty for those who followed him.
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the law could mask a hidden agenda it raises concerns about violence. in last time of turmoil was 2010 protesters occupied the capital for two months. people dead some 90 and nearly 2000 injured. >> a quick reminder of the headlines. relationshington taking a plunge. for russia's asylum for edwards medhin. -- edward snowden. there is potential for more bloodshed in cairo. and japan has vowed to stop the leakage for the fukushima power plant.
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latestw for all of the business news. where are you going to start today? >> we are going to kick off with the bank of england. times are changing in london ahead of the bank of england, mark conni, he has given a statement. he said the bank will not even consider raising its interest rates until unemployment in the u.k. goes below the 7% mark. the bank also saying that will not probably happen before 2016 were the current rate is at 7.8%. this is called forward guidance and a radical change in how the bank of england does business. mark conni says this is an formpt to bring clarity households when they make investment decisions.
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it is to recap -- kickstart the u.k. economy when it is a little bit lackluster. >> a renewed recovery is under the way in the united kingdom and it appears to be broadening. that is certainly welcome. it means the recovery remains weak by historical standards and there is still a stigma begin margin of spare capacity in the economy. of-- a significant margin spare capacity in the economy. >> he is taking a page out of the playbook of the u.s. federal reserve, as well as his former employer, the canadian central bank. ofviously, the central bank europe has been wanting to keep their cards close to their chest. their thinking has been that if you do not recommit, you still have the flexibility in order to make monetary policy efficient and effective. that seems to be changing. there's a lot of criticism
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against him and this new way of doing business. there are some worries and concerns that inflation could peak on the back of this decision. that if inflation spiked, then the bank of england could take action and raise those interest rates earlier than planned. theow did this affect markets? >> this was not an immediate success. trade was down after his statement. it means that the bank of england is likely to offer more stimulus. in paris and madrid, they were over the flat line. let's take a look at the american markets. shares were also under pressure on wall street. in the path of of days, concerns as they u.s. will taper
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are weighing on stocks. moving to china, makers of baby milk. >> chinese authorities say that mostly foreign companies have been engaging in price fixing. claire murphy has more. more callingnce foul over baby formula. it is a high-profile products in the marketplace since the 2008 contamination left six infants dead and thousands ill. it has resulted in many parents turning to foreign brands, often twice as expensive. but following a four-month antitrust investigation, there will penalize six firms for price fixing. >> we confirm to the companies that violated the anti monopoly market restricting the and harming consumer interests.
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>> mead johnson was fined 25 million euros. bioscienceisted it 20 million. fine was over 82 million euros, a significant departure for the chinese. and their investigation into foreign firms. failxercise is likely to if their aim is to bolster the safety of local mill products. many are now expected to cut their prices and capture an even greater market share. >> and vendor loss 905 million euros during the first half of the year.
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readying its feeling belgium and their taxpayers. the two governments own 90% of? yeah, whom they bailed out of the crisis. samsung has applied for trademarks in south korea and he u.s. the company describes a wearable electronic device in its applications. apple is pushing into wearable devices and it is working on a smart watch. after the smart phone battle, here comes the smart watched battle. that is all we have time for. thank you very much. >> the time now for the media watch.
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we are heading to morocco. >> daniel ghaith -- daniel gate, as it has become known in morocco and elsewhere. wherethe first incident unc nicking backtrack on a royal pardon of this nature. -- where you have seen a royal kenya backtrack on a pardon of this nature. these were the kind of photos that were sent in from around the world to remind viewers it was a case of a spanish citizen of iraqi origin, 11 counts of pedophilia. bigger sentence in 2009 and served two years the spanish government said they ask for extradition and a royal
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pardon. a lot of theome on directly been directed at the king. the king has basically said he was not aware of the specifics of the case. a royal aide made the decision on his behalf. a lot of people are not finding that to be a satisfactory answer. and here it's as i know, you and, we know, i they know, he doesn't know. theave met the family of so-called daniel, there he is meeting family members. the leader of the socialist
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unified party says the king is responsible for what happened. needs to accept responsibility and apologize. a royal pardon often involves plenty of influence within the royal household, or people who have come to the royal household and transferred money. that is what she said. a prominent opposition member in morocco. more less say in this house to change. >> social media has been part of the backlash. >> i think it adds. if you look at a case of the government, a french pedifiled in 2006, that factor has become very common. forde sambol, some people say they came out for the first time in these demonstrations against the king.
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if you look at the state television, you do not get the real news, they are saying. and this is the first time i've taken to the street about an issue. particulare in called "hands off my child." since 2004, there has been an increase in these issues in morocco and in thailand, actually, because of sexual tourism. ago, there is this guy who said on french television that an unnamed former french minister had been involved in an incident where there was underage sex involved in marrakesh and it was swept under the carpet.
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essentially, the lax attitude of the moroccan authorities against is the sex tourism is part of ,he reason this daniel galvan this case has generated such anger. it is a number of factors, but a
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